Tue Haste Andersen

My name is Tue, I'm working with software innovation.

Member of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

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List of scientific publications can be found here.

Past projects:

In the flow

In the flow is an app that makes you happier by letting you set your life goals, track them and keep the motivation high over time.

More info on In the flow.

Touch-Surface Stroke Gesture Design

Parts of my work on use of audio feedback in touch-stroke gesture design was published in an integrative review of Foundational Issues in Touch-Surface Stroke Gesture Design. The work is highlighted in the ACM Computing Reviews for 2012.

Foundational Issues in Touch-Surface Stroke Gesture Design — An Integrative Review. In Foundations and Trends in Human–Computer Interaction Vol. 5, No. 2, 97–205,

Lean Startup in practice

Working with innovation and entrepreneurial projects involves experimenting with ways to innovate. I applied the methodology of Lean Startup on a web project, using Drupal and Visual Web Site Optimizer and presented my experience on Drupal Day 2012 in Rome.

Drupal Day 2012


Did you ever stop up and listen to the sounds around you? This is what Lis10er is about. Lis10er is an iPhone app that records sounds from the environment and mixes and transform them into sound scapes.

Lis10er on the iTunes app store
Augmented Listening on Design Mind
Augmented Music: A case study presented at Better Software 2011.


Together with my brother Ken, I created the open source DJ system, Mixxx. The project started out as a spare time project. At the time when we started Mixxx there were no digital DJ software, not even commercial software. I continued the development during the writing of my Ph.D. theses and used in several studies of DJ workflows and practices. The software was developed using the Qt application framework that made it possible to develop for both Linux, Windows and MacOS X. During my work on Mixxx it became the number one open source DJ application and still is to this day. In February 2011 Mixxx was published on the Mac App Store and in less than 48 hours since it went live Mixxx became the #1 Top Free App in the USA, Germany, and Italy.

Interacting with recorded sound

Digital audio is becoming ubiquitous - Digital media players make large collections of audio available everywhere. I am exploring and testing prototypes that help to improve the feel, joy and efficiency of navigating large collections of audio, and exploring new ways to interact with recorded audio in everyday tasks.

Phase modelling of voiced sounds

Additive synthesis techniques are used by many researchers to build music applications, and to be able to analyze and understand timbre of acoustic and electronic instrument sounds. I have presented work on how phase can be modelled for musical sounds.


I have been teaching on the following courses at DIKU:


As part of my studies on use of sound as feedback during handwriting, I developed the free
Java driver for the Wacom tablets. The driver is works on Linux.

Old stuff

Machine Learning and Logic Programming. See eg. my lexical chaining system.

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